Masafumi Abe (College Humor Live)

Roshan Abraham (The Verge, Everyday Genius, Final Fantasy)

Elisa Albert (After Birth)

Sandra Allen (BuzzFeed, A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise) 

Emma Alpern (NYC Stutters,  The Atlantic, Broadly, The Village Voice)

Mary Boo Anderson (Screen Test : Test Drive, Peach Magazine)

A. Anupama (Kali Sutra)

Amanda Arnold (GQ, Broadly, Literary Hub)

Vijith Assar (New York Magazine, McSweeney's, The Awl, Vice)

Vijith Assar II

Chiara Atik (Women, Five Times in One Night)

Ben Atkinson (Ripple)

Melvin Backman (The New Yorker, Quartz, The Wall Street Journal)

Ria Banerjee ( Guttman Community College, CUNY)

Vivian Bang (White Rabbit)

Thomas Barber (Trane)

Gabriela Barkho (Vice, Brooklyn Magazine, Pacific Standard, Femsplain)

Gabriela Barkho II

Gabriela Barkho III

Gabriela Barkho IV

Tim Barnes (Wyatt Cenac's Untitled HBO Project, Kondabolu Brothers Podcast)

Hallie Bateman (The Awl, The Bygone Bureau) 

Hallie Bateman II

Christopher Jason Bell (The Winds That Scatter)

Aubrey Bellamy (Medium)

Abbey Bender (The Village Voice, The Washington Post, Sight & Sound)

Abigail Bereola (The Rumpus, Hazlitt, Brooklyn Magazine)

Matthew Bischoff (Lickability)

Joel Kim Booster (Shrill)

Hillary Brenhouse (Guernica Magazine)

Candace Bryan (Broadly, Racked, Complex)

Sarah Bridgins (Big Lucks, Tin House, Monkeybicycle, Ditmas Lit)

Marian Bull (Saveur, Food 52)

Marian Bull II

Business Casual Santa

Hallie Cantor (The New Yorker, Inside Amy Schumer)

Hallie Cantor II

Hallie Cantor III

Fred Carlos (The Chris Gethard Show, The Best Show)

Tobias Carroll (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

Tobias Carroll II

Claire Carusillo (My Second or Third Skin, Eater, Brooklyn Magazine)

Kashana Cauley (Esquire, The Atlantic, Tin House, McSweeney's) 

Kashana Cauley II

Jessie Chaffee (Florence in Ecstasy)

Adam Chandler (The Atlantic, Tablet Magazine)

Lauretta Charlton (The New Yorker, Housing Works, Vulture)

Kyle Chayka (The Longing for Less)

Kyle Chayka II

Leland Cheuk (The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong, Letters from Dinosaurs)

Victoria Cho (Perigee, The Collagist, Mosaic Art & Literary Journal)

Carmen Christopher (Guys Day, Post Men, The Chris Gethard Show, Little Banks on Wall Street)

Carmen Christopher II

Jaime Chu (YAP)

Hazel Cills (Rookie, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork)

Alexis Coe (Alice+Freda Forever)

Catherine Cohen (UCB Theatre, Slurp)

Catherine Cohen II

Sean Cole (This American Life, 99% Invisible)

Kelly Conaboy (The Hairpin, The Awl, Gawker)

Joanne Connon (American Masters)

Joe Coscarelli (The New York Times)

Deirdre Coyle (The Manhattanville Reading Series, Mixtape Methodology, Literary Hub)

Samantha Culp (CultureTM, T: The New York Times Style Magazine)

Sarah Elizabeth Dallas (Comedy Bang! Bang!)

Katrina Davis (Everything is Fine!)

Meredith Dawson (The Mindy Project) & J.J. Adler (Places, Thank You Places)

Jason Diamond (Searching for John Hughes, Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

Jason Diamond II

Jason Diamond III

Catie Disabato (The Ghost Network)

Annalise Domenighini (Noisey/Vice)

Helen Donahue (Popular Mechanics, Vice, Quartz, BBC)

Anna Dorn (LA Review of Books)

Nick Douglas (Roommate From Hell, Let's Get Into It, Jaywalk Cop)

Nick Douglas II

Ruby Dove (1944)

Tim Duffy (Comedy Central)

Tim Duffy II

Tim Duffy III

Ryland Duncan (The Shocker, Matt & Ryland: Double Terrific Big Show!, People's Improv Theater)

Ayo Edebiri (The Rundown with Robin Thede)

Julia Edelman (Cartoon Network)

Aaron Edwards (BuzzFeed)

Franki Elliot (Stories for People Who Hate Love)

Sam Escobar (Kill Yr Darlings, Draft Yr Tweets; The Poetry Brothel; Good Housekeeping)

Lucia Fasano (Radio Silence, Catty B's, Portlandia)

Brian Feldman (New York Magazine)

Cat Ferguson (Retraction Watch, The Awl)

Shane Ferro (Business Insider, Everybody Snacks)

Bobby Finger (Gawker, The Awl, Vanity Fair)

Seth Fischer (Guernica)

Molly Fitzpatrick (The New York Times Magazine, The Ringer, New York Magazine)

Jenna Marie Fletcher (The COMMONPLACE Series, Portland Mercury, THIS IS YRS)

Christine Friar (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

Christine Friar II

Naomi Fry (The New Yorker, T: The New York Times Style Magazine)

Ziwe Fumudoh (Baited with Ziwe, Above Average, The Onion)

Ziwe Fumudoh II

Saul Fussiner (Buddha's Little Finger)

Saul Fussiner II

Saul Fussiner III

Stephanie Gangi (Next)

Sarah Gerard (Binary Star, BFF, Sunshine State)

Brad Gerick (New York Daily News, Patch)

David Burr Gerrard (The Epiphany Machine, Short Century)

Malaka Gharib (NPR)

Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Modern Seinfeld)

Lee Matthew Goldberg (Slow Down, The Mentor)

Hannah Goldfield (The New Yorker)

Jeremy Gordon (The Outline, Spin, Pitchfork)

Zack Graham (Rolling Stone, Electric Literature, Seven Scribes)

Bryce Grates (Vice, Our Holiday in Reverie)

Elon Green (Mental Floss, The Awl)

Jaime Green (Google Play Editorial, Longreads, The Awl, The Catapult)

David Greenwald (Rawkblog, The Oregonian, Billboard, The Los Angeles Times)

Meredith Haggerty (The Hairpin, The Daily Dot, TLDR)

Rahawa Haile (The Guardian, The Toast, The Literary Hub)

Katie Hannigan (The Comedienne Project)

Hunter Harris (Vulture)

Lizzie Harris (Stop Wanting, Bodega Magazine)

Terence Hawkins (American Neolithic)

Monica Heisey (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better, Schitt's Creek)

Andrew Helms (The Guardian, The Ringer, Eight by Eight)

Anna Hezel (Quercus Books, Food 52)

Madeline Hill (Hello Sunshine)

Jean Chen Ho (McSweeney's Internet Tendency)

Christian Hoard (Rolling Stone)

Christian Hoard II

Brandon Hobson (Where the Dead Sit Talking)

Fran Hoepfner (The Onion, The Awl, Bright Wall/Dark Room)

Charles "Otter" Holmes (MTV News, Complex, Genius)

Charles "Otter" Holmes II

Carina Hsieh (Commuter Barbie, Cosmopolitan, 8-Bed Flex)

Hua Hsu (The New Yorker, A Floating Chinaman: Fantasy and Failure across the Pacific)

Hua Hsu II

Sonya Huber (Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir, Pain Woman Takes Your Keys: Essays from a Nervous System)

Hayley Hudson (Business Insider)

Hayley Hudson II

Akilah Hughes (UCB, SmoothieFreak, Femsplain)

Jazmine Hughes (The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan)

Jazmine Hughes II

Jazmine Hughes III

Noah Hurowitz (DNAinfo)

Jeff Ihaza (The Outline, The Fader)

Joshua Isard (Conquistador of the Useless)

Kendra James (Racialicious, Cosmopolitan, Lenny Letter)

Morgan Jerkins (This Will Be My Undoing, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone)

Casey Johnston (The New Yorker, The Awl, The New York Times)

Mitra Jouhari (Miracle Workers, President Show, Three Busy Debras)

Mitra Jouhari II

Nathan Jurgenson (Real Life Magazine, The New Inquiry, Snapchat)

Eleanor Kagan (Ask Me Another, Bonnie & Maude)

Sarah Devin Kaufman (Patch, Vocativ, Flagship) 

Adalena Kavanagh (Electric Literature, The Tusk)

Jamie Lauren Keiles (Racked, The New Yorker)  (The Awl, The Hairpin, Vice)

Jamie Lauren Keiles II

Devin Kelly (Blood on Blood; In This Quiet Church of Night, I Say Amen)

Kris Kidd (I Can't Feel My Face)

Silvia Killingsworth (The Awl, The Hairpin, The New Yorker)

Ben Kling (Clickhole, Tumblr)

Maya Kosoff (Vanity Fair, Business Insider)

Vivian Lee (Little A Books, Entropy Magazine)

Alana Levinson (Fusion's The Real Future, Matter, Medium)

Brandon Lewis (The Missouri Review)

Brandon Lewis II

Josephine Livingstone (n+1, NYU, Websafe 2k16)

Madeline Long (Jury Duty)

Katie Longofono (Angeltits, Dead Rabbits Reading Series)

Brita Lokting (The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Forward)

Ben Loory (Tales of Flying and Falling)

Matt Lubchansky (The Nib, Please Listen to Me)

Wallace Ludel (New York University, Creative Writing)

Rachel Lyon (Self-Portrait with Boy)

Sarah Madges (A Shadow Map, Mental Marginalia, Handwritten)

Alex Maslansky (Stories Books & Cafe)

Kalliopi Mathios (obliterate the following items from the beginning of time, horsegirl)

Emily St. John Mandel (Station Eleven)

Nicholas Mancusi (Joyland, The New York Times Book Review)

Roger Mancusi (The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences)

Clare Mao (Open Bar)

Michelle Markowitz (Hey Ladies, Fast Company)

Alana Massey (All The Lives I Want, The Cut, The Guardian)

Hoff Matthews (HP5000, Priced Out)

Hoff Matthews II

Hoff Matthews III

Hoff Matthews IV

Hoff Matthews V

Molly McArdle (National Geographic, Brooklyn Magazine)

Syreeta McFadden (The New York Times Magazine, The Nation, Buzzfeed News) 

Nick Mehendale (The Onion, Clickhole)

Amy Meng (Bridled, Indiana Review, Slice, North Dakota Quarterly)

Amy Meng II

Chris Messer (Post Road, No Tokens, Radiator, The Awl)

Drew Millard (The New York Times Magazine, Vice, Spin)

Haley Mlotek (The Hairpin) 

Dolan Morgan (That's When The Knives Come Down, The Atlas Review)

Peter Moskowitz (How to Kill a City, New York Magazine, Al Jazeera) 

Caroline Moss (Hey Ladies, YourAwayMessage)

Caroline Moss II

Nick Murray (Pitchfork, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone)

Eric Nelson (Leverage)

Matt Nelson (Mellow Pages Library)

Brittani Nichols (Words With Girls, Suicide Kale)

Sammy Nickalls (#TalkingAboutIt, Adweek, Esquire, Teen Vogue)

kiki nicole (Rose Water Magazine, Voicemail Poems, Drunk in a Midnight Choir)

Jeremy Nguyen (Stranger Than Bushwick, The New Yorker)

Jeremy Nguyen II

Kevin Nguyen (GQ)

Kevin Nguyen II

Kevin Nguyen III

Kevin Nguyen IV

Kevin Nguyen V

Kevin Nguyen VI

Kevin Nguyen VII

Margarita Noriega (Newsweeks, Vox, Fusion)

Margarita Noriega II

Mary Numair (Huck Magazine, 50 Selfies with Strangers, Planned Parenthood)

Brendan O'Connor (The Awl, Gawker)

Brendan O'Connor II

Tracy O'Neill (The Hopeful, Rolling Stone, VQR)

Jason Oberholtzer (I Love Charts)

Alanna Okun (The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater, Racked) 

Alanna Okun II

Alanna Okun III

Wendy C. Ortiz (Excavation, Hollywood Notebook)

John Bailey Owen (The Owl House)

Lauren Oyler (VICE, The Lifted Brow, Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

Gabriella Paiella (The Cut, Lucky Peach)

Gabriella Paiella II

Morgan Parker (Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up At Night, There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé)

Keaton Patti (The New Yorker, The Onion, Comedy Central)

Delia Paunescu (The New York Post)

Steven Perlberg (The Wall Street Journal)

Eve Peyser (Gizmodo, New York Magazine, GQ)

Larissa Pham (Fantasian, Poem Club, Verso Books)

Larissa Pham II

Larissa Pham III

Tom Philip (Clickhole, The New Yorker, College Humor)

Alphonse Pierre (Noisey/VICE)

Alphonse Pierre II

Martina "Mick" Powell (Winter Tangerine)

Sarah Nicole Prickett (Adult Magazine, Real Life Magazine)

Ben Purkert (For the Love of Endings, The New Yorker, Ploughshares)

Nicholas Quah (Hot Pod)

Molly Rose Quinn (Black Warrior Review, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe)

Tim Racine (Teenager of the Year, Shit Lit)

Tim Racine II

Matthew Raich (George)

Aatif Rashid (Portrait of Sebastian Khan)

Polina Riabova (Borrowed Birds Records, PLASTER COCKTAIL)

Cat Richardson (Narrative, Four Way Review, Bodega Magazine, Phantom Books)

Abraham Riesman (New York Magazine)

Blythe Roberson (The New Yorker, The Scientists, Book Club)

Blythe Roberson II

Fabrice Robinet (The New York Times)

Melissa Rocha (Just Pussy, Film Forum)

Abby Rosebrock (Blue Ridge, Dido of Idaho)

Gabriel Roth (The Unknowns)

Jeff Saginor (The American Prospect)

John V. Santore (Sunset Park Reports)

Laura Salvatore (Folio, Quail Bell Magazine, Pith Journal)

George Sartor (Catholic Deacon, Archdiocese of Hartford, CT)

Jaya Saxena (The Hairpin, The Daily Dot, Dad Magazine)

Kelly Schairer

Jeremy Scharf (Catacomb)

Colette Shade (The Blessing of the Hounds, Newsweek, Pacific Standard, The Baffler)

Alex Shephard (Full Stop, Melville House)

Dana Schwartz (Choose Your Own Disaster, And We're Off, Entertainment Weekly)

Dana Schwartz II

Chris Scott (Reviews of Movies I Haven't Seen, Medium)

Rion Amilcar Scott (Insurrections)

Hannah Smothers (Cosmopolitan, Jezebel, The Hairpin)

Allie Scully (Broadly, Hello Giggles, Based On, If Any)

Allie Scully II

Seth Simons (Pate Magazine, Exeunt Magazine)

Bijan Stephen (The Nation, Vox, Esquire) 

Bijan Stephen II

Bijan Stephen III

Bijan Stephen IV

Bijan Stephen V

Alison Stevenson (Eat Me)

Colin Stokes (The New Yorker, The Onion)

Raymond Strom (Fiction, Tweed's Magazine)

Shatia Strother (Furee)

Cole Stryker (Epic Win for Anonymous, Hacking the Future)

Alexandra Tanner (Indiana Review, Joyland, Tin House online)

Olivia Taussig (Quercus Books)

Whitmer Thomas (The Golden One)

Eric Thurm (The Guardian, The A.V. Club, Paper Magazine)

Chau Tu (PRI's Science Friday, Marketplace)

David Turner (TrackRecord, Scalawag Magazine, Pitchfork)

Alexandra Tweten (Bye Felipe)

Chuka Ugwu-Oju (Ipsos)

Alex Vadukul (The New York Times, Port Magazine, Opening Ceremony)

Katie Van Brunt (Esquire)

Sophia Veltfort (Yale University, The Harvard Review)

Daniel Victor (The New York Times, ONA NYC)

Yezmin Villarreal (Dyke Queen)

Pilot Viruet (Flavorwire, TV Hangover) 

Edward Voccola (The Last Man on Earth)

Deenah Vollmer (Pizza Underground)

Nate Waggoner (Dilettantes and Heartless Manipulators, Barrelhouse, The Tusk)

Nate Waggoner II

Harron Walker (New York Magazine, Vice, BuzzFeed)

Alex Watt (The New Yorker)

Alex Watt II

Alex Watt III

Alex Watt IV

Michael H. Weber ((500) Days of Summer, The Spectacular Now)

Cale Weissman (Business Insider, PandoDaily)

Darcie Wilder (literally show me a healthy person)

Darcie Wilder II

Darcie Wilder III

Benjamin Woodard (New South)

KK Wootton (Bad Dad, Personals, They're At It Again)

KK Wootton II

Kyle Lucia Wu (Joyland, Guernica, The Rumpus)

Maria Yagoda (Food & Wine, Broadly)

Kseniya Yarosh (I Love Bad Movies, Bonnie & Maude)

yc (Desus & Mero, Mask Magazine, Noisey, Vice, Viceland)

yc II

James Yeh (Gigantic, NOON Annual, Vice)

Lynn Yu (Trivia LA)

Rachel Zarrell (BuzzFeed, Esquire, Boston Globe)