A Brief Interview with George Sartor

George Sartor (left) will be speaking at  DTN on Feb 11 . 

George Sartor (left) will be speaking at DTN on Feb 11

You're a Deacon with the Catholic Church. When did you first know that you would become a Deacon?

I wasn't completely sure if I would actually be ordained until they called my name in the Cathedral on the day of ordination. I had many doubts about whether I was worthy of it. But as far as when I thought that I should -- that was when I finally discerned that it was my "vocation." You and I have talked about what vocation is -- a sort of calling, something that one is compelled to do, like your writing. You told me once that you didn't feel as though you had a choice, you just had to write. It's a lot like that. I felt a need to serve people and the Diaconte was the way in which I felt I was called to go to do that. 

A lot of our father/son bonding time involves watching Knicks games together. Which Knicks player has surprised you the most this season with his effectiveness? Which Knicks player has been the most disappointing?

Surprising effectiveness- Kyle O'Quinn. Who knew he could go the thinks he does every night at both end of the court. Most disappointing- KP. He just can't seem to stay out of foul trouble. He hurts the team more than anyone when he can't be aggressive, especially on defense. 

What do you hope people take away from our conversation?

I'm not really sure -- people usually take what they choose to take. It's a big unknown for me. All I can hope for is that others will get a glimpse into the faith that I've chosen to follow and perhaps will be at least a little bit curious about it. But seriously, how things go is largely dependent on the interviewer, so I think it all really hinges on the quality of the questions you ask. We'll see what happens...