RS: As co-host of the November edition of the Difficult to Name Reading Series, you made a strong push for straw-ber-rita drinks to be included in the beverage selection. People enjoyed them. Are there other drink choices you're going to champion for future editions of the reading series?

HH: At future editions I'd like to see more from the Rita line, which also includes Cran-brrr-ita, Apple-ahhh-rita, Mang-o-rita, Raz-ber-rita and Lime-a-rita. Each one's flavor is as unique as its spelling of "-arita."

You won't be co-hosting at December's Holiday Spectacular, but rather reading at it. What can people expect from your reading?

They can expect me to make limited to no eye contact.

What's your favorite holiday movie/song/food item? (feel free address any or all of those categories)

Christmas ham.

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