Brittani Nichols will be reading at  Difficult to Name in L.A. on April 4 .

Brittani Nichols will be reading at Difficult to Name in L.A. on April 4.

In addition to writing and producing Suicide Kale, you gave a great performance in the movie as well. What was the process like collaborating with actors on a script that you'd written?

Oh, thank you! The process was incredibly fun. My biggest feeling about every aspect of the movie was that it was fun. The movie is partially improvised so a lot of my task as the performer/writer was guiding us back to the story points and scripted beats. This kind of collaboration allowed the actors to fill out their characters' background and experiences much more than a typical script while injecting a part of themselves into them as well. 

I'm just in L.A. for the week. Where should I visit while I'm in town?

Well, you've gotta eat. Edendale or Hache for french fries. Jenni's for ice cream. Magpies for ice cream PIE. Salazar for Mexican...order from the mesquite grill section, not the normal tacos. Cuties for queer coffee vibes. Tam O' Shanter for the spectacle and also the bacon wrapped dates. Catch if you wanna be the fanciest boy and maybe see celebrities (lobster mac and cheese and crispy shrimp). The Trader Joe's on Hyperion or the Whole Foods on Santa Monica if you want to witness LA parking lot insanity but if you're going to cook at home get a Home Run Inn frozen pizza from Sprouts, the world's most underrated grocery store. Barnsdall Art Park if you love a good park. Echo Park Lake if you love a good walk. The Observatory at sunset if you love a good view.

What can people expect from your reading?

They can expect an empowering and humorous story that briefly mentions half a Subway sandwich.