Pilot Viruet will be reading at  The Difficult to Name Reading Series  on Saturday, June 27 at Brit Pack.

Pilot Viruet will be reading at The Difficult to Name Reading Series on Saturday, June 27 at Brit Pack.

In addition to your writing for Flavorwire and elsewhere, you put on some amazing events at Videology, including a TV Hangover appreciation of Party Down and a celebration of the music videos of Hype Williams. What's been your favorite event that you've been together so far?

The Hype Williams party was definitely one of my favorite events, just because those videos are SO GOOD. And because it wasn't like a TV Hangover party, where we all sit and whisper through episodes but like, people were singing and dancing and really enjoying themselves. Also Brad Nelson and I had an embarrassingly long email chain fighting over which videos to show, and that was pretty awesome. But I also love the TV Hangover events for my favorite, favorite shows like Bob's Burgers (the writers were really cool and sent me a bunch of swag to give away to people) and Degrassi (where we had videos from some of the cast that we got to show as a one-time-only thing which was the coolest). 

I saw you tweeting about Moviepass. I just ordered my card, very excited. Any tips/best practices?

Isn't it the best? I only got mine a few weeks ago so I haven't perfect the art of moviepassing (?) yet but I think basically the goal is to see as many movies as I can so I never have to pay for air conditioning in the summer. Definitely see bad movies — the first one I saw was Aloha which gave me a migraine for about three days straight — because you can justify it. It's like, oh the monthly fee went to Mad Max: Fury Road and Inside Out so now it's easy to justify seeing total crap. I still haven't found someone to see Entourage with me, though.

What can people expect from your reading?

No idea!!! I don't know what I'm going to read! But if my past readings (OK, mostly Creative Writing classes) have taught me anything, be prepared to witness me stuttering and talking too fast and apologizing and, if you're lucky, possibly even crying from nervousness! Or I will just shotgun beers. Who knows!