Alanna Okun will be reading at  DTN on April 14  // Photo by Mia Fermindoza

Alanna Okun will be reading at DTN on April 14 // Photo by Mia Fermindoza

Your new book has been getting a lot of great press and reviews. BuzzFeed, Nylon and Bustle all listed it as one of the best books of the year so far. What's the process been like getting this out into the world and finally getting to share it with everyone?

I was ridiculously anxious in the run-up to publication (meaning like, the entire year beforehand) so honestly I'm mostly relieved now that it's finally just DONE. I will say, though, that I weirdly kind of miss it — I truly loved the process of writing it, and it was just me and the book for so long that now I feel like it's going off and having its own life without me! But at least that life, so far, has been a happy one, and I've gotten such lovely responses from readers (both crafters and not) which have sustained me in this weird post-publication period.

Looking ahead, what's your favorite thing about New York when the weather is warm?

EVERYTHING. Today, in fact, my boyfriend told me, "You are more affected by weather than anyone I've ever met lol," which is especially odd because I But I love driving to the beach and knitting outside and walking everywhere, and just that sense of possibility in the New York summer, even if it smells gnarly. 

What can people expect from your reading?

I feel as though the last time I answered these questions from you I said something like "yarn and feelings" and like, nothing's really changed that much, so.