Katie Van Brunt will be reading at  Difficult to Name on July 8

Katie Van Brunt will be reading at Difficult to Name on July 8

You're working on a lot of different projects and ideas right now. Which one are you most excited about?

Project I am most excited about that I am working on would have to be a series I am writing that incorporates a lot of music. I have always wanted to create a storyline that incorporates some of my favorite music -- positioned to guide stories AND also showcase new voices to sing those songs.  The project is in its infancy, but so far  it's been really exciting to brainstorm and write! 

Also - I've been painting a lot recently which is helping me strengthen my overall creative muscle. I have painted a lot in the past, mostly classic elements like lemons, but I am now focusing more on a modern series. 

I remember you had a really good explanation of why people should watch Bojack Horseman (I still gotta). What was that again?

Oh boy, I hope this answer is satisfying!  BoJack Horseman depicts reality as we know it. It's a a comedy that is tinged with the sad realities that come with existing as a person. Although BoJack is a cartoon and the main characters are a sweet mix of humans and animals, the perils of living do not slip through story lines but become main focal points. It brilliantly pairs together that beautiful feeling of melancholy and hope that we all experience. 

What can people expect from your reading?

People can expect a weird girl retelling a story of internet love that hopefully connects to each person and maybe even makes them laugh a few times.