RS: A few weeks ago, you wrote a vital piece titled "I Will Only Bleed Here" that ran in both Today in Tabs and n+1. What has the response been like so far?
BS: The response has been good! Very positive so far—I’ve only had one or two immediately blocked racists in my mentions. What’s more important to me, though, is that people seem to be actually reading the piece, really interacting with it. I’ve gotten a bunch of very nice notes from very nice people, and I can’t express how gratifying that is. Too often, I think, it feels like we’re writing (read: #CreatingContent) in a vacuum.
In a short period of time, you've established yourself as one of the most exciting and favable presences on Twitter with a preternatural understanding of how the platform works. From your contributions to Today in Tabs to your new series for Vanity Fair in which you interview prominent figures on Twitter, you're dealing with the medium in interesting ways. Do you have any similarly focused projects in the works?
You are far, far too kind. My Twitter is just the weird intrusive thoughts that float through my mind every day; while I’m not so happy about only thinking in 140-character units, I really enjoy getting off these Fire Tweets.
As far as the other things you mentioned go: Connecting with people is my favorite thing, and I think Twitter really facilitates that. So if that’s a new way to use the medium, it’s news to me. As of right now I don’t have any other Twitter projects—I use Twitter way too often as it is—but I obviously won’t rule anything out. If you think of something, feel free to pitch me I guess? Freelance forever.
What's your favorite holiday? 
My favorite holiday? The Christmas/New Years dyad: Hanging out hungover with family. There’s nothing better!

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