Marian Bull read at The Very Sensual to Name Reading Series.

Marian Bull read at The Very Sensual to Name Reading Series.

RS: You recently joined Saveur as an associate editor. What's it been like working there so far?

MB: First of all, working for a ~magazine~ is very cool! I'm still getting my bearings, but I'm really excited to help reimagine Saveur's website and make it a place for talented people to tell great stories about food and travel. (PSA: I'm accepting pitches! We also just got a SodaStream.

As an added bonus, the people here tolerate my bad jokes and were super nice to me when I recently burned a bag of popcorn and made the entire office smell like smoky death. 

I once saw you use your fingernail to make art on an orange. Do you do stuff like that a lot?

I had totally forgotten about that! I haven't made any citrus art recently, but maybe I should start growing my nails out again. I'm a big fan of all the fruit art that Jason Polan does and am a general fan of playing with your food (I did a lot of food styling at my old job), so as Elle Goulding says, "anything could happen, ooh, ooh, ooh, ee-ooh."

What can people expect from your reading on Saturday?

I'm hoping for the following: People laugh, none of my blood relatives show up, nobody burns any popcorn.*

*Editor's note: I can confirm, Marian was hilarious, everyone laughed. Hallie's Dad was there, though.