Lee Matthew Goldberg will be reading at  The Difficult to Name Reading Series   on May 30 at Brit Pack.

Lee Matthew Goldberg will be reading atThe Difficult to Name Reading Series on May 30 at Brit Pack.

You’ve been getting some really great reviews and press for your debut novel SLOW DOWN. What’s it been like to get the book out into the world and what’s your strategy been to promote it?

It's been great getting Slow Down out in the world. It's been a project I've worked on for a very long time. I hired an outside publicist to help with promotion and they set up an LA tour and blog interviews. My publisher New Pulp Press was also really helpful in getting me reviews. I also facebooked a writer I really admired who wrote me an amazing blurb. 

Your upcoming second novel, THE MENTOR, was recently acquired by Macmillan Entertainment. Do you know yet what they’re looking to do with the property and how involved do you see yourself being with that process?

Yeah, Macmillan Entertainment just acquired my next book The Mentor! Only the first 50 pages and an outline have been written so that is out with producers and studios now. It's all thanks my editor Brendan Deneen who is also the head of Macmillan Entertainment. He really gave me a chance to write an idea of his. If the film rights sell, I will be happy with whatever type of involvement I'm allowed to do.  

What can people expect from your reading?

I really get into doing readings, especially dialogue. It'll be a good time.