Carmen Christopher will be performing at  Difficult to Name on Saturday, April 14

Carmen Christopher will be performing at Difficult to Name on Saturday, April 14

"Guys Day," your new short film with Connor O'Malley, is a really funny and biting look at masculinity, capitalism and friendship. What was the process like putting that together?

Thanks man.  You get more out of my videos than I do.  You're the best.  The process was kind of simple and like most things we do.  Figure out the characters, create a narrative that makes sense, and write a lot of jokes.  It was Connor's idea to go down to Atlantic City and shoot something because it's such a dump and a funny place for our characters to think is cool.  But the main idea was to do a hybrid of man on the street bits with some sort of narrative.  We both really like interacting with real people on the streets.  We had to go down to AC twice to shoot the vid and I truly hope I never have to go back there.  It's sad and bad.  

I recently told someone on a date that my favorite sketch group is your sketch group, Postmen. She said it was weird that I have a favorite sketch group. On what date # should I talk about sketch?

Thanks again man, you're the best. I feel like if you want to talk about your favorite sketch group on the first date then you should do it.  If she's totally turned off by your interests then it's probably not meant be anyways.  But I'm also not about to say that it's cool to talk about sketch groups on a date. I know I probably have and I'm single so don't ask me for advice.  I feel like women just straight up use me for my body. 

What can people expect from your performance?

Hopefully to be funny and original.  I like to combine characters with straight standup/jokes.  Having laugh lines is the most important thing.  I like to engage with audiences too.