A Brief Interview with Matthew Raich

What was a favorite early role for you as an actor?

Post college Nashville. I worked with the plucky Nashville Theater Festival on a mounting of "Julius Caesar." I played OCTAVIUS and one of the conspirators. We cast a Heisman Trophy winner, Eddie George, as our Julius Caesar. I was his heir. All raw brooding energy and other Southern gothic chicanerie, but the text work was remarkably good, the fights were realistic and period, and the after-party was DJ'd by Uncle Eddie. Buckeyes all around. 

Any big plans for Autumn?

As an Olympics enthusiast, I've been really into Summer and Winter material, so my Autumn outfits have suffered accordingly. I'm going to buy a great sweater that isn't Marr'd. 

What can people expect from your performance as Ethan?

Here's a guy masking not a little bit the conflict with the encroachment he knows is going on with Andrea's life. He knows there's mixed motives in the appearance of self-help and he's working amidst a spectrum of ethical conflict over it. Does he care or is this now the way of the world? The "unequal hazards to run?" Let's investigate and make the buck$, ya know? Talkin about the conundrum of privacy in an inter-connected age. How do you retain the sacred, prize the idiosyncratic, the little moments with Grandfather's clydesdale emblemed cigar box, so to speak, in a world that wishes to expose itself, where the cellie is an extension of the hand, vlogging has replaced human encounters/ dialogue? These are Ethan's thoughts. Mamet said recently "Every society has to confront the ungovernable genie of sexuality and tries various ways to deal with it and none of them work very well." In this case we have the genie of technology....which is sexy, right? And perverse, right? *Emoji