Chris Scott will be reading at the  Difficult to Name Fall Spectacular  Sept. 10.

Chris Scott will be reading at the Difficult to Name Fall Spectacular Sept. 10.

I just kind of see you around on Twitter and I'm like, "This guy has great tweets, seems nice." You've written some really beautiful fiction pieces this year. My favorite so far is Flight Rules. Will you continue writing really beautiful fiction pieces?

Well shoot that's awfully nice of you to say, Ryan. I'm really happy you enjoyed it. I'll definitely keep writing stuff because I like writing and it makes me feel good, but I can't promise it will be beautiful. I'll try though. For you.

I remember your twitter said you lived in Boston and now it says you live in Washington, D.C. What's the deal?

I'm glad you asked. The deal is that I lived in Boston for the last 4 years and decided to move back to DC (where I lived for awhile before I moved to Boston.) I love DC and missed my friends here a whole lot and I'm really excited to be back. It's a fun and complicated city and I feel lucky to call it home.

What can people expect from your reading?

I always say "expect the unexpected" but not in this instance. Whatever people are expecting is exactly what they'll get. So it's really up to them.