KK Wootton will be reading at   The Difficult to Name Reading Series   on Saturday, July 25 at the NEW Brit Pack. 

KK Wootton will be reading at The Difficult to Name Reading Series on Saturday, July 25 at the NEW Brit Pack. 

RS: How's your summer going?

KW: Just had piña coladas on a rooftop, so...good.

What have you worked on in the past year that you're most happy with?

Revisions of my novel, Bad Dad
I killed characters. 
I listened to consensus opinions and made changes, but ignored some of the criticisms I wasn't feeling. I realized late in life that you can't actually take everyone's notes. Because sometimes Johnny likes the scene with the cannonball, and Sally hates the scene with the cannonball. And ultimately, you feel its fundamental. Sorry -- did I just give away the book?

What can people expect from your reading?

The most enthralling 5 minutes of their lives (those who happen to be eating palm-sized homemade Rice Krispie treats).