A Brief Interview with Hayley Hudson

Hayley Hudson (Business Insider) will be co-hosting  The Difficult to Name Reading Series on Sat. Nov. 15

Hayley Hudson (Business Insider) will be co-hosting The Difficult to Name Reading Series on Sat. Nov. 15

RS: As the new co-host of the Difficult to Name Reading series, what can people expect from you?

HH: They can expect the opposite of what they usually get from you. I've been in the audience before, so I've seen your stage presence. I'd characterize it as relaxed and natural. I'm uptight. I don't know how to co-host. Maybe I'll secretly wear earphones and someone outside can feed me lines through a hidden microphone. Otherwise, I'll probably just be silent. It should be fun! We'll see!

Controversial question, but which of the authors/comedian(s) are you most excited to see Saturday night?

Would you ever ask someone who in a set of quadruplets is the most exciting - in front of the four of them? I won't choose and will only say that I'm looking forward to seeing the collective unit. This is intended to show respect for everyone's individual achievements, but, I realize, also diminishes those achievements, in a way, by lumping them all together. I'll buy drinks to make up for it. 

The beer is free.


In addition to being a co-host, you're also a writer and verified presence on Twitter. What's a hot milkshake? 

I don't know what you're talking about.