A Brief Interview with Jazmine Hughes

RS: You've been writing great pieces for The Hairpin for a while. Are you skeptical of new fans that have shown up since your Shouts & Murmurs piece was published in (the print edition of!) The New Yorker?

JH: LOL NO. I love any and all fans, particularly centrifugal. I hope to one day have a stan. ARE YOU LISTENING, SANTA?

What can people expect from your upcoming holiday-themed reading?

Something funny (mine), copious amounts of underarm sweat (also mine) (but maybe yours?) (are you nervous, Ryan?!), me yelling at Santa

What's your favorite holiday music?

The Jackson Five Christmas album is the only album worth listening to any day of the year (Beyonce's work notwithstanding).

Check out Jazmine's New Yorker piece here.