Jean Chen Ho will be reading at the  Difficult to Name Reading Series on Friday, August 24

What's your ideal writing day look like?

Wake up, make coffee, journal, have a nice poop, read some poetry maybe, no phone/internet at all, then I sit down and begin on the computer. I try to write in the morning if I can, on an empty stomach, before I get distracted and/or hungry.

Any big summer plans?

Yes! I'm going to a residency in western Massachusetts, called The Mastheads, for all of July. Pretty excited to get away from regular life and have four weeks of ideal writing days like the one I just described above. I have notes on my book manuscript from my agents and that's what I'm planning to work on, to get it into good shape so they can sell it, which means then I can get more ideal writing days.

What can people expect from your reading?

I don't know what I'll read yet; hopefully something funny and nothing too depressing!