I first discovered your work through Three Busy Debras. Those videos and performances are completely unique and achingly, brilliantly funny. Then I saw a show you co-host, It's A Guy's Thing, which is one of the best comedy shows in New York. How do you make sure you get the best out of each other when collaborating with other comedians?

FIRST OF ALL! Thank you for the kind words! I think the key thing when working with other people is just recognizing what other people are good at, acknowledging what you're good at, and finding ways that those things can work in tandem to make something good and funny. You also have to sacrifice ego as much as you can when you're working in a group while not being afraid to give your collaborators criticism/pitch your own ideas. It also helps that Patti, Catherine, Alyssa, and Sandy, are four of my best friends in the world!! I am so amazed by them. They are all individually so intelligent, talented, and kind. It's fun to make things with them and find new ways to make them laugh. 

You work for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and you've written a lot of great stuff on Twitter about your experience as an Iranian-American woman living with Trump (who is objectively terrible) as president. I don't really have a question here but people should follow you on Twitter.

THANKS! The internet is evil but Twitter stresses me out the least.

What can people expect from your reading/performance?

People can expect me to talk too fast and say a lot of dark things that hopefully they will find funny. Also my little sister will probably be there so THAT RULES!!!11!!!@!