Hannah Smothers will be reading at  Difficult to Name on Saturday,  January 13

Hannah Smothers will be reading at Difficult to Name on Saturday,  January 13

Gotta say off the rip, I feel like "Cat Person" (which I love!) is getting a lot of the shine that your Rick & Morty piece should have gotten. How did you come up with that piece? 

Wow thank you so much! I came up with the Rick & Morty idea when I was in LA earlier this year and was out with the woman who dated the first boy I ever loved right after I did. We're strangers, but she reached out over Instagram DM when she saw I was in town and I was extremely curious so I met her for a drink. It was very fun! She keeps crystals in her glovebox and has recently gotten back "into faith," and "has visions," and "knows when the reckoning is coming." Anyway! I was with this woman at a bar in Silver Lake when a guy she knows and who is the son of a beloved soap opera actress started talking to me. I had no idea how to flirt with him because everyone is LA is very hot and it's disorienting, and also he kind of looked like a slightly older Timothée Chalamet. In a panic, I asked him if he watches Rick & Morty. Truly I don't know where this question came from because I don't want the show. He said yes and then started detailing some of his favorite plot lines and all I had to do was nod along! It must have been charming because he did the are you coming home with me? hover at the end of the night, but I ended up just going back to my hotel to eat peanut M&Ms alone. I did this same thing back in Brooklyn a few times and it was equally effective. Boys love Rick & Morty! 

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

Reconnecting with the soap opera actress's son in LA to see if there's a love connection.

What can people expect from your reading? 

I think I'm going to read about some of the times I got drunk as a teen in Texas. So people can expect to be very awed by how cool I was between the ages of 14-17, and to come away with a few cocktail recipes that incorporate Red Bull.