Ziwe Fumudoh will be performing at Difficult to Name on Sat. March 11.

Ziwe Fumudoh will be performing at Difficult to Name on Sat. March 11.

Your new web series Baited with Ziwe is incredibly funny. What was the process like putting that show together?

It was a lot of brainstorming with my lovely caucasian coworkers about what made them feel uncomfortable. Mike Antonucci, Dan Chamberlain, and Jackie Jennings (co-creator and directer) were such good sports about it. Basically, I pitched general subjects and they told me the questions that they'd hate to answer. Those were the bits that you saw on Baited. 

I love that Baited allows viewers to laugh about race while still acknowledging its complexity. Of all projects I worked on, it's definitely one of my favorites. 

Every time I've seen you on stage or reading somewhere, you've completely killed. Does that ever get boring for you or is it rewarding every time?

That's very kind, you have been fortunate enough to never see me bomb, but like all comedians I have good and bad shows. All I can do is go out and be as funny as possible. It's rewarding to hear that there are people in the world that enjoy my sense of humor. If I can make one person laugh, I feel like I've done my job. 

What can people expect from your reading/performance?

They can expect the unexpected. Extreme chaos, explosions, sheer madness. I bring mayhem wherever I go. 

Just kidding. Joke... there will be jokes.