A Brief Interview with Kyle Chayka

RS: You're a prolific journalist, but in 2014 you challenged yourself in new ways, working on a multimedia feature for The Verge, as well as writing a Newsweek cover story. Are you planning any new types of writing projects for 2015?

KC: Next year, I'm hoping to do fewer writing projects? I would really like to get into some different kinds of storytelling, though. Maybe I'll dabble in some more video, or contribute an audio story to one of the podcasts of the purported podcast boom. 

Being a writer online is tough. I'm hoping to get away from that daily churn and focus more on long-term pieces that get to somewhere new and different, which will hopefully be good for the sanity of both myself and everyone else on the Internet. I want to grapple with the idea of what makes writing about technology or the Internet good and how writers can bring those experiences to life in a critical way.    

Ezra Koenig follows you on Twitter. What's that like?

I have no idea why he follows me, but he made a media joke about wanting to be Vox.com's Ezra-in-chief (replacing Ezra Klein, I assume) after I tweeted about it, and for going on a week after my mentions have been nothing but teenage girls favoriting Mr. Vampire Weekend's tweet. He should just leak their next album to me already.

What's your favorite holiday song/food item?

My favorite holiday song is definitely Vince Guaraldi's "Skating" from the "A Charlie Brown Christmas" soundtrack, which everyone who comes to the reading will hear more about! Favorite food is my grandma's chocolate-filled almond cookies, duh.