Yet Another Brief Interview with Darcie Wilder

Darcie Wilder will be reading at  Difficult to Name in Manhattan on Tuesday, August 15

It was very cool that Playboy called your book "the best thing you'll read this year." What's it been like doing press for "literally show me a healthy person" overall?

yeah isn't that crazy? it's been good and weird. it's a lot more attention than im used to

If you could have dinner with Cartman or Louie Anderson, who would you choose?

absolutely louie anderson. he's so unique and special. every interview of his has so much wisdom in it, things you only hear from people who have really gone thru something and showed up for themselves and worked hard. cartman is more of a ubiquitous character that would get us kicked out of the restaurant after he told me that he had my parents killed and cooked into the chili i was eating.

What can people expect from your reading?

aw fuck uhh