What was a favorite early role for you as an actor?

It's hard to pick. Youth theatre was a good time for me! I benefited greatly from the thirty-girls-and-four-boys-audition-for-the-school-musical situation. I got to play Jean Valjean when I was sixteen, so that takes the cake. 

Any big plans for Autumn?

Back to school, baby! This time as the most respected and admired of the already extremely revered teaching community: the substitute.

I actually just graduated from UC Santa Barbara in June and I was sort of relishing not going back to school for the first time in my life. Then I moved to LA on a whim to start auditioning and realized how badly I needed a job with flexibility . Yesterday, I submitted materials to get my substitute teaching credential. Goodbye endless summer! Hello portable classrooms!

What can people expect from your performance as Marty?

Marty will not be your favorite character. Hopefully you'll hate him? Love to hate him? You decide! See ANDREA INC on August 30th!