Matthew Bischoff will be giving a talk at  DTN on Sat. March 10

Matthew Bischoff will be giving a talk at DTN on Sat. March 10

From conversations we've had, I think it's fair to say you have complicated feelings about smartphones and other internet stuff. Do you ever think about "going off the grid" or "dropping out of society" for a little while? Chopping wood somewhere? I'm thinking of like when Obama went on vacation with the Virgin Airlines guy.

I think about it. And then I check Twitter.

I definitely wouldn’t chop wood because I don’t even lift, but I might eventually quit the “making apps for pocket computers” racket and do something that feels a little more lasting. This stuff just disappears too fast and feels like running on a hamster wheel sometimes. I take vacations once in a while, and I try to tweet less on them, but I’m not very good at it.

It's almost March. What's your favorite thing to do in New York in Spring?

I’m an indoor kid usually: cocktails, improv shows, this pencil store downtown. But if you do spot me outside this Spring, it’ll probably be at a random sidewalk café, the sculpture garden at MoMA, on one of the big chairs at the High Line, or on any rooftop that isn’t too crowded.

What can people expect from your talk?

I’m going to talk about the internet, and how we’re losing so much of it and so few people are working on preserving it. It’ll probably be sad. I hope not too sad.