A Brief Interview with Kseniya Yarosh

RS: In addition to hosting Bonnie & Maude, you're also active in the zine community, organizing Brooklyn Zine Fest and creating the I Love Bad Movies zine series. How did you get involved in the world of DIY print?

KY: I got into zines by being a curious teen in the suburbs. One day, I found some handmade zines in the lowest shelves of the local Tower Records magazine section, and the rest is history. There's nothing like discovering something new that instantly makes you think 'I can do this!' and that's the essence that appeals to me about zine-making and podcasting. There's a fairly low threshold to starting and then you can make the project as big or as basic as you like. That, and I've always found paper crafts very relaxing. 

You and Eleanor have done live events for Bonnie & Maude in addition to your podcast. What's been your favorite Bonnie & Maude-related event/podcast so far?

It's kind of amazing. Our monthly podcast has only being around for about two and a half years but we've managed to do almost a dozen screenings and variety shows at this point, with our next event happening at Videology on November 15th. 

A big highlight for me is from 2013 when we did a 15 year reunion Q&A for the film Slums of Beverly Hills with Natasha Lyonne, director/writer Tamara Jenkins, Kevin Corrigan and cinematographer Tom Richmond. It was the first time we ever did anything of that scale but it helped that Tamara literally held my hand through part of it and the tone of the conversation remained a nice mix of silly and personal.  

What can people expect from your reading Saturday night?

A funny take on what could be a pretty morbid subject. I'll be delving into the tired trope of the 'dying girl' as seen in Love Story, Sweet November, Autumn in New York, and A Walk to Remember