Hunter Harris will be reading at  Difficult to Name on June 9

Hunter Harris will be reading at Difficult to Name on June 9

I was scrolling through your tweets to find that Daniel Day-Lewis earring tweet and I came across some great "Family Stone" content. I really appreciate that you love "The Family Stone." I try to get my family to watch it every Christmas and they look at me like I'm a lunatic. The house is so cool. Everything is cool in that movie. I guess I don't really have a question here, just thanks for appreciating "The Family Stone."

The Family Stone is unparalleled! Really dramatic white dysfunctional family dramas — the kind that happen during a wedding or a holiday — are extremely my shit.

With Jada Yuan, you put together a really fantastic oral history of the making of Get Out. How do you figure out which quotes to use on a project like that? That might be a dumb question, but I figured I'd try.

I think there are two types of quotes in that story: ones about process and filmmaking, and quotes that are just telling a great story. The timeline and how everything came together is just reporting. My favorite quotes — the professor saying there will be a before Get Out and an after Get Out, and Lil Rel's hilarious barber story — just punctuate what we were trying to get at about how this movie was a really improbable and tricky hit to pull off.

Any big summer plans?

Rihanna declared that the vibe for summer is "more is more." So, basically, that. 

What can people expect from your reading?

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Idk but I'm egg-cited