I love your new project Poem Club. It's such a beautiful mix of text and image and makes me think of poetry in a new way. How did that come about?

Thank you! I love Poem Club too. It's been really therapeutic to work on it, although I haven't updated it lately. It came as a surprise even to me. When I started it, I was still at my old job, at the NYC Anti-Violence Project, and feeling really burnt out. I wanted a creative outlet, and stumbled into teaching myself front-end—all of the code in Poem Club is very simple, and probably riddled with errors—and it was this really wonderful experience to go home after work and make something from nothing, conjuring this visual matter out of code, and making space for poems that I've written but that for one reason or another have never been published. I was too tired to write, most days, but coding in a slow, experimental, deliberate way used a different part of my brain and kept me feeling like I was making something just for myself. I'm so glad you noticed Poem Club. I might do a new one tonight now! 

Wow, it's March. What's your favorite thing to do in New York in Spring? 

I love spring. I love being outside and under-dressing slightly and feeling the cool air on my skin. I love keeping track of new flowers wherever they bloom. And I especially love falling in love in the spring.

What can people expect from your reading?

This time (DTN round three! Wow!) I think I'll be reading some fiction!