Kendra James will be reading at  Difficult to Name on Feb. 11 at Study Hall Gowanus .

You have one of the best Twitter names right now, "Punch More Nazi," and your feed is a great mix of important information about the ACLU and anti-Trump advocacy as well as pointing out how hot James Marsden looked on the SAG red carpet (very!). I guess that's not really a question, I just love your tweets.

My twitter has gotten way more serious than I ever expected it to. I always considered it as a space for my own rampant, purposeful foolishness. I used to feel bad for getting new followers from writing stuff, and really almost just tricking them into following an account that was full of Very Serious Thoughts About Teen Wolf. It's less Teen Wolf now, and more Nazis. Though, I hear that there are now Nazis on Teen Wolf, so... full circle!

But, thank you! I try and keep it a healthy mix. 2 parts Anti-Fascism to every 1 Part James Marsden, just for everyone's mental health.

What can people expect from your reading?

I'm not entirely sure what I'm reading yet! But I tend to skew towards writing about my time at boarding school for these events. When in doubt, I find that stories about unsupervised rich kids are always good for a laugh.