A Brief Interview with Caroline Moss

RS: You run the wildly popular YourAwayMessage twitter account (296,000 followers and counting). What's the backstory behind its creation? 
CM: Oh man. Well, about 2 and a half years ago, I thought, has anyone done this yet? And since no one had, I started it. I didn't think it would blow up. I basically just wanted to make my friends laugh and have a good excuse to post DMB lyrics.

You write a lot of great comedic pieces--including your ongoing Hey Ladies series with Michelle Markowitz--while being a prolific journalist for Business Insider and other outlets. As someone who's had success writing in different styles, do you have advice for writers who want to move out of their comfort zone? 
Thank you! I think the best advice is be open to learning. I consider everything I write a good experience, even the boring stuff (like Apple earnings) or stuff I don't know much about (like Apple earnings). I don't worry so much about what it says about my "personal brand" or how people think of me or define me as a writer. I don't think anyone cares that much!

What can people expect from your reading on Saturday? 
Hey Ladies meets YourAwayMessage. And if no one laughs, I'll cry.