Just in Time for Christmas

Hayley Hudson

If you’re good at Twitter, you remember Hayley Hudson’s infamous Hot Milkshake tweet from last summer. Here are some of her poems. “Oh shit, Twitter people can write poetry?” Yes. And they’re great. Get used to it.

Three Poems 
by Hayley Hudson


Last Christmas your aunt dropped 
her new necklace in the hall 
and it broke, 
releasing dozens of pearls, each a hard hail 
pellet denting our dreams of snow.

Grandma's Holiday 

She liked tracking light bulbs -- their comings 
and goings. Date screwed in; Date burnt out. 

A dry wedding chased with a trip to the swamp. Must 
check on a headstone's decay. 

She never did have his radio
voice, but she could manage a stage.


Beautiful people standing in parks, 
blocking the sidewalks, 
talking to no one, 
waiting for someone, 
waiting for The Sartorialist.