KK Wootton will be reading at  Difficult to Name in L.A. on April 4

KK Wootton will be reading at Difficult to Name in L.A. on April 4

I'm excited for you to read from your novel Bad Dad, which centers on the relationship between a conservative radio show host and his daughter. I feel like Republican politics have shifted a lot in the past few years. What's in been like working through that in your fiction?

It seems that radicalism has gained quite a footing. Adherence to ideals can often be more emotional than intellectual, and emotions, at the moment, are riding high. In the research I’ve done, listening to conservative radio, it’s been fascinating to examine hosts’ arguments (some of which may be credible) from their tone (which is often despicable) -- and to witness how that tone is used to corral the emotions of millions of listeners. It’s a trick that can have pretty insane repercussions.

I'm just in L.A. for the week. Where should I visit while I'm in town?

Park: Greystone Mansion
Korean BBQ: Soot Bull Jeep
Old Hollywood fixture: Musso & Frank’s
Thematic saunas: Wi Spa
Coffee and people watching: Verve on Melrose
Glass of afternoon bubbly: Chateau Marmont
Magical magic: Magic Castle
Red leather booth bar with nautical décor: HMS Bounty
Where to taco is a hotly debated subject, but I’d suggest getting a quesadilla at Guisados before leaving town

What can people expect from your reading?