You've written two non-fiction books, have had screenplays optioned and your feature comedy script "The Family You Choose" was a semi-finalist in Final Draft's Big Break competition and you're working on your first novel. I call and text you every day, but I just realized I have no idea what you're going to read. What are you going to read?

I'll be reading an excerpt from an novel I'm finishing up about a startup nation in the middle of the ocean.

Do you have a favorite L.A. summertime activity you'd recommend to people?

Chili mango fruit bar at Mateo's.

I think you're really smart and I literally did a YouTube search for "Cole Stryker smart" and found this video of you talking about privacy in 2012. I feel like a lot of your points about how corporations and governments will use our data for harm has come to fruition. Do you ever feel like "Yeah, I did that" or do you wish you'd been wrong and corporations and governments had been more chill and less evil?

Thanks. I like to think I was ahead on some of that stuff, but I think most people are basically as uninformed about it now as they were then, even after WikiLeaks and Snowden and a hundred other big privacy revelations. Most people don't care, which is understandable. For now the trade off for most people is worth it. If we start to implement a social credit system like they're doing in China, maybe public opinion will turn against data collection.