What can people expect from your show, “Hi, I’m the Weird Guy”?

They can expect it to be funny. That's my main goal. A funny fun show. I want you to leave and feel happy that you came. I take it to some dark places but it never really feels that way because I try to keep it dumb.

You’ve been doing some great videos where you make announcements on the subway and the Sex and the City tour bus. You find just the right tone in your voice so that it seems like no one is generally annoyed with you. How you strike that balance?

I think I was punched in the face a lot as a kid - probably over 30 times, so I know where the line is and I try not to cross it.

You starred in a really funny video when you were a writer on the Chris Gethard Show. How did that come about?

I might have pitched thirty video ideas to JD, Chris and the video production team. All I wanted to do was make videos but the video team kind of hand their hands full shooting segments for the show through out the season. I finally annoyed them enough to let me do a video so at the end of the season we just took the best pieces from all my pitched videos and tried to squeeze them into one idea.

I know you’re working on a lot of stuff you can’t talk about, but what’s something you’re working on that you can tell us about?

Haha, I can talk about anything. Hmmmm. Actually... now that I think about it I don't want to tell you. I don't like talking about anything until it happens. Otherwise I feel stupid if it something goes wrong. Stay tuned....