Alex Watt will be reading at  The Difficult to Name Reading Series  on April 9 at Study Hall.

Alex Watt will be reading at The Difficult to Name Reading Series on April 9 at Study Hall.

You read at the Difficult to Name Reading Series in January 2015 and got really huge laughs. Some of the biggest laughs I've ever seen at the reading series. Do you think you'll get a great reaction like that on April 9 or are you trying not to think about it?

It would definitely be cool if people laughed, but I’m not picky when it comes to audience reactions. I’m not even against having tomatoes thrown at me. Is it insulting? Sure, but you’re also one step closer to having a delicious caprese salad to chow down on.

You were on the very funny and clever Middle of the Night Show on MTV. Backtracking, at the January 2015 reading series I said something like, "You should be on TV" and you said, "Oh--actually, I can't talk about that yet." I think you were about to reference the Middle of the Night Show but you caught yourself. Does your agent appreciate that level of discretion, the fact that you don't just blurt stuff out, you wait until the deal is done, contracts are signed?

Thank you for saying that. “Middle of the Night Show” was really fun to do and I’m not just saying that because they made me hide inside of a garbage can on a hot summer night. I think, in general, most folks are pretty happy with me when I decide to not talk about something. Gives them more time to say what they’re thinking or listen to musical acts such as Young Thug or Aerosmith.

You started a business where you charge people $5 for the service of having you think about them naked. I paid the $5, it was a great experience. Are there any other businesses you're starting? 

I’m so glad you were satisfied with my service and I appreciate the support. Thinking about someone naked for $5 is kind of just a thing I do to pay the bills, but it sure beats working at the ol’ poison factory. While I’m interested in starting new businesses, I’d also like to sell the damn hand-carved fancy peanut man doll and “Mitchell Jacksin” biography I’ve been peddling online before I take on anything else.